Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9/11

View of lower Manhattan from the Q train. Freedom tower on far right

  Another 9/11 is here . I am off of work today and and am watching the reading of the the names of those who perished in the attacks of 9/11. It always brings tears to my eyes. This year there isn't really a theme for those reading the names . Every type of relative of those who were lost are reading the names. It is a little disconcerting how sometimes as they read the names there is a lag between the photo on the screen and the name that is read. They do not always match. The sound from CBS keeps fading in and out .
      I admit that I do not usually watch all of the names being read. Its such a long list. Its a beautiful day today. It was a very hot sunny day in New York City on  9/11  of 2001. I particularly remember how bright it was that Tuesday because the day before had been so rainy.
Lower Manhattan.. Freedom tower on far right

The Freedom Tower
    I am glad that the weather is nice out today . It makes it a little easier for those downtown who are there for the memorial ceremony .
    As I watch the names and ages of those who we have lost flash on the television screen I realize that they would be fourteen years older now had they lived. Those who were young then would no longer be so young. They were not blessed to be able to experience the passage of time.
      9/11 was a horrible day for all of us. It was a living nightmare that one could not escape. I remember waking up 9/12 /01 thinking  "Now  what?" What  does one do after the world has been changed forever? After 14 years I have learned that life does go on even when one is not sure it can. It just takes awhile to get back on track sometimes.
     I have included some pictures of downtown Manhattan. Some include the new freedom tower that memorializes 9/11 . The tower is the very tall building on the right side of the first and third picture and its the building in the center in the last picture.
          Lets never forget those live who were lost and those who were so brave that day. Lets pray for peace. 


Steve said...

I just read that fewer people are showing up each year. This year the paper reported the attendance at the reading of names to only be in the hundreds. Surprising as the new memorial site only opened last year.

frum single female said...

Wow. I didn't realize that. How quickly people forget. Well I haven't