Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yom Kippur Thoughts

     Before Yom Kippur I thought that I would write a very different post. Now that Yom Kippur has passed... well much has changed.
     As with much in life, one really does not know what one would do in a crisis until one is confronted with it. This Kol Nidre I had that sort of test. I was minding my own business and went to to the ladies room at some point . When I left the stall before me appeared a woman whose face was covered in blood. When I looked around I saw that there was a foot wide trail of blood on the floor in the bathroom leading to the door. It looked like a scene in a movie where someone had been attacked. I knew that hadn't happened but that was my gut reaction. I also felt like I wanted to bolt out of there and somehow manage not to step in all of the blood. I felt in shock but I also knew that I had to get help . I weaved my way between the blood to the rest of the shul and told someone what had happened and that we needed to get hatzalah. She went to the men's section and about five men ran downstairs to the ladies room to help the woman. As it turns out there is a whole fleet of men at that shul who are part of hatzalah. They took it from there.
      Life is can change with the blink of an eye for better or for worse. One has to be thankful for all the blessings one has. At first it was difficult to have kavanah after seeing the injured woman in shul, but afterward it made the weight of what Yom Kippur means a lot stronger. I sincerely hope the lady has a refuah shelemah.

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