Monday, December 21, 2015

Embrace The Curls

 When I was growing up straight hair was the rage. Eventually blowouts became popular.  Recently the women's magazines have been including white women who are embracing their hair textures. Women of color have been encouraged more often to embrace their hair texture, but not usually white women. Finally my day has arrived. White women in women's magazines are encouraged to embrace their natural hair texture. I suppose women have gotten sick of trying to manipulate their hair to be something its not . There are also a lot more products for the curly haired than there used to be. I never was one to straighten my hair daily. Its way too time consuming. I also never wanted to be one of those afraid of a rainy day that would ruin my perfectly straightened hair. So boring!  
Its not that curly hair is so simple to take care of, its just that after all these years I have figured out what products to use. Ouidad makes the best curly hair products. Sometimes I put coconut oil on my scalp and hair with a shower cap for a few hours to condition my hair before washing it . I use Tress Effects ( by Ouidad)  for leave in conditioning after I wash my hair. 
  Curls have a life of their own. They often fizzle after a few days or from humidity and just look frizzy. Frizzled curls still look better than a frizzled blowout. I would prefer to embrace my curls rather than try to look like someone I am not.  I'm also too cheap to constantly pay for blowouts. 


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...Shelo asani ishah...

Alex said...

When you frame it like that Garnel, how can anyone object to that beracha?