Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Good Morning

     You never really know someones temperament until you don't say good morning to them.  It takes me until a few hours after I wake up until I feel like speaking. Unfortunately this does not correspond to when I am in the elevator in my apartment building on my way to work. I of course live in an apartment building filled with lonely  people who wake up speaking. Sometimes I am able to mouth a smile when greeted in the early morning other times I am not. It really is not personal, I just don't feel like talking to anyone when I am rushing to work in the morning. Sometimes I can't respond quickly enough to my chatty neighbors who continually press the issue and keep saying good morning until they get a response. Often they get mad because I did not say good morning back. Sometimes I am able to explain to them that I am just to tired to speak which I realize does not go over well, but then again just because they want to chat in the early morning does not mean that I do, especially with people I barely know. The truth is if the roles were reversed I would just assume that they did not hear me if my good morning was not returned. Then again if the roles were reversed I would not have said good morning to them in the first place, at least not until after ten o'clock. 


Garnel Ironheart said...

Sometimes the best thing to do is grit one's teeth and say "Yeah, what's so good about it?" or "To early to tell".

Steve said...

Are you getting enough sleep or are you more of a night person? Can you take the stairs and avoid the situation?

frum single female said...

Steve- I don't get enough sleep because I get up really early for work and get home late . I could take the stairs but I am on a high floor so its not so convenient