Wednesday, December 30, 2015


     There is a saying "You don't miss someone or something until they or it is gone. " Its a bit frightening how true this is.
      One of the bosses where I work had his last day before retirement today.
Bosses as usual can be very annoying among other things. This boss was no exception.  He had been reducing his work hours gradually over the past few years, which actually has been quite nice. I knew that this day was coming but I didn't really think much about it . I did not really think about it much today either since it was  a very busy day at work. When the end of the work day arrived and everyone said their official goodbyes it was surreal. So many of us had worked with this boss for so long that it seemed it would never end. Some were teary eyed. This boss had brought in most of the business even after he had reduced his hours. Things will change . We all know this but I had put it out of my mind until the last few minutes of work today.
       As I boarded the Q train on my way home from work to my great surprise I was teary eyed. I did not think that I would miss this boss at all, but apparently I will. Life is full of surprises.

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