Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is Not a Love Story

   I just finished reading THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY by Judy Brown who is also the author of HUSH.  This is a memoir about the author who grew up with an autistic brother in a hassidic family that spanned from Brooklyn to New York. I really like how authentic Brown's voice is. I think that this is a good book for people who may have the same situation in their families. Brown portrays the hassidic perspective in a positive way that is also realistic. Her parents love their autistic child yet can be frustrated by the situation as well. Once again it is nice to read about a frum family without it being overly preachy or overly critical of religious life. Religion is part of the story not the story. The story is mostly about parents who love all of their children being challenged by having an autistic child.
    Oh, and this book is most certainly a love story. Its the story of the love one family has toward each other. The world could use more of these love stories.

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