Monday, February 15, 2016

Not Friendly

     A big Brooklyn religious personality trait that I really can't stand is the one where you bump into or meet someone and they ask a battery of questions that sound a lot more intrusive than friendly. Its like they went to a shiur that told them people like to talk about themselves so they commit to asking others a barrage of questions every time they meet someone new or just bump into a neighbor. I guess the actual questions would feel less intrusive if they were in the natural course of a conversation instead of when I am exhausted and not in a particularly social situation. I can tell that my interrogator thinks that he/she is being friendly and looks self satisfied . All I feel like asking them is do they also want to know what color underwear I am wearing? They are that intrusive. I wish they would just talk about themselves instead of interrogating me. Sometimes I turn it around and ask them questions, but I really do not care that much. Sometimes they will insist on me answering their question because their questions are a way of deflecting away from themselves. I think that its most friendly to just be natural. Just say hello, how are you and leave it at that. That would be soooo much friendlier.

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Mr. Cohen said...

I agree 100%.

I have been saying the same thing for many years.