Monday, February 29, 2016

The Fragility of Life

     Just when I thought it was safe to exhale I found out that a good friend of mine has a serious health issue and has had it for the past few years but had not shared the news until today. After wanting to kill her for not having told me yet it really made me sad. This friend does not live nearby and I know that I need to see her sooner rather than later. With the help of Hashem she will have a refuah shelemah, but since no one knows what the future may hold and  it would be best to see her sooner rather than later.
      It always makes me sad when one contemplates seeing someone who is ill because they are ill. I always think that it is too bad that I did not make the effort when they were healthier. In the case of this friend I did go to one of her son's bar mitzvahs and I visited her on another occasion, but I could have made a bigger effort to get together more often. I guess there is always work that gets in the way and of course the thought that one has time to get together at another time.
       Baruch Hashem there is  still time, though it is more precious right now, I am grateful that I have not missed the window. I know that the lesson is to try to get together with good friends and family as often as possible because life is so fragile and good friends and family are such treasures that it is important to prioritize them.


Steve said...

I am sorry your friend is ill. I hope you can visit her just for being your friend, and not even dwell upon her state of health.

frum single female said...

Thanks. That's the plan.