Sunday, June 5, 2016

Miracles Do Happen

    A four year old boy somehow managed to slip into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati zoo. The zoo shot the gorilla in order to save the little boy.  It is nothing short of a miracle that this little boy is still alive and is recovering. I wonder what amazing things this little boy will end up doing now that he has survived .
   I really do not understand how this little boy was able to slip into the gorilla cage. To me this is inconceivable  that it could even be possible. How long has this cage been around? The mother should have been watching her son better, but I think that that the zoo is to blame and not the mom. She could have watched him better, but I doubt she thought it was possible that he could ever slip into that cage. I would not want to take a child to a zoo where there was any possiblity that the child could enter the cages no matter how well I was or was not watching them.
   I think that the only activists I can sympathize with are those who oppose zoos to begin with . If there wasn't a zoo this would not have happened. Otherwise, I agree that the zoo did the right thing by shooting the gorilla. That little boy's life was more important . Of course, now that this has unfolded the little boy has so much pressure on him. He has to live a life so important that a gorilla needed to be shot so he could live. Then again, I think that even an ordinary life would justify it.  Hopefully the Cincinnati zoo will make sure that their cages are more secure so no more little children will be able to sneak into the gorilla or any other animal cage.

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