Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Silence is Golden

      When I was in 19 I had a friend who got married. This friend did not have her first child until she was 23. When she first married I would ask her if anything was new meaning if there was maybe a little someone on the way. After about a year of me asking her this she told me not to ask her this anymore. She wanted a child at the time but it just wasn't happening. After that I never ask anyone if they are expecting. I wait for them to tell me. If I don't find out until they have the baby its okay too. I don't need to be the big yenta who is always in the know.  By now I have had too many friends who have wanted babies but had a hard time having them . Or maybe they never had any.
       The worst thing to do is ask someone if they are pregnant if they are trying hard to have one. The funny  thing is, random people have asked me if I was pregnant which has given me a mixed reaction. On the one hand I am flattered because they think I could be pregnant , that I could get to be a mother.  On the other hand it makes me not want to ever wear again the outfit that made someone think I was so heavy that I looked  pregnant.
         If someone is pregnant everyone will eventually find out anyway. No need to ask. The most one has to wait to find out is nine months. One does not have to be the first to know the news. Whenever one finds out this kind of news one will be happy for their friend.

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