Monday, June 27, 2016

The Age of Adaline . Aging

     I recently watched the movie The Age of Adaline. In a nutshell the movie is about a woman who does not age past the age of twenty-nine. Unfortunately everyone else in her life does including her daughter. Its fascinating especially because its the story of a woman and not a man.
     The cold hard truth is that not everyone ages at the same rate. Some people look old at thirty while others don't look old until they are seventy, I myself am fortunate to look a lot younger than my years. I appreciate it but with such a bracha there is a  balance to be made that others don't have to worry about. I am still carded when I buy wine which admittedly as flattering as it is annoying. Men who are way too young for me are interested in me not for the wrong reasons . Until they figure out my real age. If I told people that I was fifteen years younger than my real age they would believe me.
     Then again, as a single woman its amazing to look young. If I had kids and they looked younger than me then it might be a different story. Then again it would still feel great. I have met older women who had mothers who looked younger than them or  looked like sisters and they were sixty something and eighty something respectively.
     The crazy truth is  often  people treat people the age they look and not the age they are. That's what makes it all so confusing and so easy to lose track of time. I think that that's why people do age. It reminds   us of the the passage of time.
      Despite my musings, The Age of Adeline is  a good movie because it really makes a person think about aging. 

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