Sunday, December 25, 2016


     The sad part of being single is that when you try to be polite sometimes it backfires. If you just make polite conversation with someone of the opposite gender they assume you want to marry them. Most people do not think talk =marriage proposal but when they do it can become harrowing. The party who thinks they have been jilted start cursing at the unsuspecting friendly person when they do not want to take things to the next level = a date. They yell at them that the only reason the friendly person is single is because they are not interested in this nut job=them.
      I find it best to not even make eye contact whenever I feel someone crazy might be interested in me. If I am nice to them they get encouraged. If I try to ignore them they get incensed. The best is to do everything in one's power to avoid them noticing me. I hate that it has to be this way, but it is.
      The thing is that I too have said hello to members of the opposite gender who quickly walked away from me. I assumed their obvious disinterest and never gave it a second thought. Perhaps this is because I know that even though some men do not like me there are others that I like and like me back. I think that those who start harassing me are those that no one ever likes and now they are taking it out on everyone who rejects them.
      I wish I had the all of the answers, but I hope that I find my bashert soon . I feel like Dorothy trying to find the emerald city as I go down this path of singleness. She would chant lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well amen sister.

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Steve said...

Wow this seems right out of Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice and her meeting with Mr. Collins. Hopefully such things don't happen to you very often! Doesn't anyone talk because he or she finds the other person to have an interesting personality and point of view, regardless of whether or not he or she is considered to be a potential bashert? And I imagine that married women are also subject to their anger and still come away with feelings of discomfort when interacting with said men.