Sunday, December 25, 2016

Know What Not to Say

     I never like it when I go to a funeral and if the person who passed on was single or never had children that  these adjectives are used. Why is it necessary ? Even when someone passes away, even at their funeral it has to be mentioned? Do they ever say in a eulogy that the dearly departed wasn't a millionaire or that they were allergic to spinach?
     My point is that at the very least at someones funeral it need not be mentioned that the person was single never married and never had children. Believe me the friends and family who are mourning this person are not missing them for things the person was not, they are mourning them for things that they were. They are missing the wonderful person that passed on for all of the beautiful things that they were in this world . Maybe they wish they could have had other achievements in this world, but need one really point them out at a funeral?

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