Monday, December 14, 2020

Happy Hanukkah!!

 Happy Hanukkah!

 I haven't had much inspiration lately. Hasn't been a good year for blogging. I feel so paralyzed in time. Keep looking forward to going back to normal and breathe normally. 


Anonymous said...

Dear FF - Happy Hanukkah; I just came across your blog, its been a listless 12mo, hard to keep track of days here with the city empty and people still so scared of one another, lone walkers wearing masks in Prospect Park as if there's someone near them, its all demoralizing. I make a point of taking the train out to Brighton Beach at least once a week to breathe free, and find that helps. Here's to a better 12mo ahead, and thank you for your observations.

frum single female said...

Thanks! You too!