Wednesday, August 26, 2009

inglourious basterds

i saw the movie inglourious basterds last night. im not usually a quentin tarantino fan, but i really enjoyed this movie.
inglourious basterds is a movie about a young woman trying to survive nazi france and avenge her family's murder and a vengeful motley crew of jewish american soldiers led by decidedly non-jewish , southern brad pitt who try to kill as many nazis as possible.
this movie is a jewish fantasy of what we wish we could have done to the nazis.
time out magazine suggested that it was perhaps too brutal for the jews to avenge nazis so brutally. i say poppycock! this movie is tame compared to what those basterds did to the jews.
the nazi folly in this movie is reminiscent of hogan's heroes. the balance between comedy and drama is delicately meted out.
though close to three hours long, it was not boring. i didnt even realize that much time had elapsed. i thoroughly recommend this movie.


Frayda said...

thanks for the review and your recommendation. i was wondering if anyone had seen this movie yet

Mikeinmidwood said...

You liked all the shaving of the scalps?

frum single female said...

lol mike! i didnt look when the head shaving was on the screen.!

MAK said...

Sounds like a fun movie to see, though I think I'll wait till it's out on DVD...

Moshe said...

A couple of my friends went to see it. They said it was an average movie and had blood and guts.

Haven't seen the movie yet, gonna download, but I'm sure I can come up with more "fun" stuff to do to Nazis than what was in the movie. Can start with Hostel and Saw and then progress to needles, acid, etc. All done under heavy dosage of drugs to keep them conscious longer, of course.