Sunday, August 2, 2009

seven things i love

ive been tagged by the jewish side of the babysitter in a meme seven things i love . at the end i will tag seven other bloggers.
  1. i love fall weather
  2. i love book readings and especially love celebrity book readings
  3. i love photography
  4. i love meeting new people
  5. i love blogging
  6. i love when i have friends who really know and understand who i am and i know and understand who they are.
  7. i love walking through central park in the spring and summer.
im now tagging seven people: mike, katrina, mak,quack, levadi, brainexposed, dys


WritersHeart said...

Hi, I just recently discovered your blog. You inspired me to start one of my own! Something I've always wanted to do, so thank you!

frum single female said...

thank you. im so flattered. enjoy writing your blog!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I've actually never been to a book reading. Now I get to link up to your post!

And those are great things, I love them too!

katrina said...

I'm going to do the meme, bli neder, but I am a bit crazed right now, so probably not until the end of August. Thanks for tagging, me, though!

frum single female said...

book readings are great. you get to meet the person behind the words of a book. barnes and noble and borders have good ones.
your welcome.looking forward to reading when you do write it.

Ookamikun said...

Funny how everyone's 7 are similar.