Saturday, May 22, 2010

eat drink and be merry

some people like to say that life is short so they will live each day like its their last. im all for maximizing one's life, but id find it depressing to always feel as though the curtain of death is just a few winks away.
i think that it is important to make sure you tell your loved ones often how much you love and cherish them.
lastly, one should fill one's life with friends who help uplift one's life. and in general try to consciously appreciate all of life's blessings


Devorah said...

I think it's more about realizing that life is short and taking advantage of the time we have so we can accomplish as much as possible. It's not meant to be depressing but it's meant to help us remain focused on what really matters in life. This way, when faced with choices on a daily basis, we can make the right decisions.

Devorah said...

Sorry, I posted my comment twice, you can delete one of them. :)