Thursday, May 6, 2010

judaism in flux

the idea of sara horowitz the modern orthodox version of a woman rabbi has been denounced by mainstream orthodoxy. i have read that some think the reaction to this will be for many disgruntled orthodox jewish woman to leave orthodoxy. others believe that if the mainstream orthodox establishment would have condoned the rabbah or any version of a rabbah that this would be a slippery slope toward reform judaism.
i don't believe that any woman who truly is an orthodox jew would cast off all of the mitzvot just because they wish women could be part of the clergy. where would these women fit in jewishly otherwise? conservative and reform judaism are too watered down . the reform judaism of a hundred years ago may have suited them , but not the reform judaism of today. this is why i suggest that these woman will go in yet a different direction. they will form their own feminist version of orthodox judaism. in fact many already have. i am aware of private minyanim where there is a mechitzah but sometimes women lead parts of the service from the women's section. they aren't completely orthodox but i wouldn't consider them conservative judaism either. im not sure what i think of this concept, but i think that more of these minyanim will develop.
i do understand why the mainstream does not agree with the rabbah/maharat/female orthodox rabbi model. they are afraid of the slippery slope. one diverges from the tradition of exclusively male lay leaders , which isn't actually assur and then slowly the non-conformity will veer too far from the right and start turning into conservative and reform judaism .

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