Sunday, May 16, 2010

veggie pride parade

i was in union square today which was the end of the line for the veggie pride parade. what is the veggie pride parade you ask? its a parade where everyone dresses up like vegetables or bloody people to celebrate their devotion to the vegan philosophy.
being a non-vegan , meat eating, vegetable lover i took pamphlets and magazines that had some nice pareve recipes.
over the loud speaker people were lecturing the small crowd of people about the evils of dairy and beef.
i missed the annual village halloween parade this year due to rainy weather, so it was fun to see the gruesome costumes today. it adds a whole new dimension to see people dressed as (literally) bloody nurses, doctors and corpses in day light.
some of the vegan propaganda stated that the difference between vegetarianism and veganism is that vegetarianism is a diet and veganism is a philosophy. due to the animal rights aspect of both isms i would say that both qualify as religions. veganism as the ultra-orthodox version . vegetarianism is the conservadox version.


katrina said...

The pictures are great, FF! Thanks for sharing them and your thoughts on the parade with us just in time for Shavuot. Chag sameach!

frum single female said...

thanks! chag sameach to you too katrina!