Saturday, October 16, 2010

the chilean miners

i think that it was a miracle that the chilean miners were rescued. im waiting to hear what the rabbis have all decided that this means in relation to the jews . i do admit that i haven't discussed this with any rabbis, gone to any shiurim, or googled what the rabbanim think of this situation. if you haven't yet guessed i will offer my humble interpretation. there were  33 miners . on the 33rd day of the omer rabbi akiva's students stopped dying from a plague . the 33rd day  of the the omer 18 Iyar is also shimon bar yochai's yahrtzeit. so perhaps there is something good about the number 33 that saved them. or maybe hashem wanted to show us that despite all of the horrible wars and natural disasters ( floods, tsunamis, hurricanes) there are also acts of god where joyous moments  happen. awful things do not have to occur just so we pay attention to hashem's hand in the world. i'm just saying that we should all try real hard to realise that the miracle of the rescue of the chilean miners is from hashem .


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Also, the homeless fundraising via sukkah auction you wrote about earlier.

What significance is there to the (publicized) mining disasters which took place earlier this year on March 28 (Wangjialing, China), April 5th (West Virginia, USA), and May 4th (Mezhdurechensk, Siberia)?

frum single female said...

about the other mining incidents, hmmm i will have to think about what their significance. i havent yet heard a take on what the rabbis think about them.