Wednesday, October 6, 2010

close talkers

i never forget my first experience of being on a date with a close talker. at the time i felt as though i was going to faint . i couldn't understand why until i realized how close my date had been standing next to me. he did not have bad breath but he was standing closer to me than a virtual stranger ought to. in general i am a big believer in personal space, especially when it comes to people i don't know very well.
the first few close talkers i have met were men i had dates with, so i figured that thought that instead of touching me they would stand as close as they could to me without actually touching me and be close talkers. well at least they can say they are shomer negiah. then i met women who were also close talkers.  they were not gay. they just had a problem with personal space. until i heard the term close talker coined on the seinfeld television series i did not even have a universal way of describing those who stand eye to eye (literally) when speaking to others. its always nice to have a diagnosis for an idiosyncrasy . once you can define what bothers me about  a person it makes it easier to find a way of dealing with it. or not.


Sharon said...

wow i can't stand people who don't know what personal space is! even at the gym , if i'm taking an aerobics class or trying to change in the locker room, some women just get all up in there. ahaha

David said...

I'm still trying to read through all your old posts. I have so much to add on each one so it will take some time :)This is the first blog I have seen that is interesting, informative and doesn't dwell on one topic. There is a woman I work with who is a very close talker. At first I thought it was because she liked me, but then i realized that she talks that way to everyone! I try to avoid her most of the day.

frum single female said...