Monday, October 11, 2010

who should pay?

i often hear variations of the same debate. who should pay for a date ? at what point should a woman pay for a date? of course when i hear a guy stating when he thinks a girl should start paying for the date i immediately figure he must not be making much money if it makes that much difference to him. to be honest most of the guys i have gone out with for any length of time has paid for me, but i have offered to pay. i have dated guys where we would take turns paying which i think is nicer than going totally dutch. this way everyone gets to be treated. of course before i would pay for anything on a date i would want to know the answer to the following question. will the guy being splitting the cost of the wedding if we do decide to get married? if the answer is no then he gets to pay for all of our dates. a wedding costs much more than dating does.


Devorah said...

I like that question! Good point :-)

AS said...

Many girls aren't expensive dates because frankly they are afraid to eat on dates. They order a salad and that's it.

frum single female said...

lol! this is true. therefore the men who pay for meals for the salad eaters should not be complaining about footing the bill!