Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chinese rosh hashana parade

i went to the chinese new year parade on sunday. though i have been in chinatown many times  this parade is truly an experience to witness. the parade color scheme was right out of  hello kitty.  the floats were sponsored by many popular businesses like macy's and american airlines and had a chinese flair. there were a lot of dragon floats. since i was born the year of the dragon i especially like the dragon floats. this year however is the year of the rabbit. (in case anyone was curious) . the music on the floats was very cool too. everyone was shooting off confetti bombs even as the floats passed by. the ground was covered in confetti. i feel sorry for whoever had  to clean up.
it was interesting to see a minority other than jews celebrating their new year. its always nice to think of another new year because it always means a chance for another fresh start.
there is a custom to give single people red envelopes of money on chinese new year. i guess judaism can't do this on rosh hashana (or actually right before  rosha hashanna so its not yom tov) then the shidduch crisis would never end! but it wouldnt be a bad idea because then i would be compensated in some way for being single. maybe the rule would be that shadchanim have to give red envelopes of money to jewish singles right before rosh hashanna  as an insentive for the shadchanim to marry off the singles so they don't have to give them a  red envelope of money the next year on the day before rosh hashanna..  the red envelope would have to be given the day before rosh hashanna since no one is allowed to handle money on  rosh hashanna.
i couldn't get any good pictures of the actual parade because i wasn't standing in the front . so im just posting some photos of chinatown .

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