Tuesday, February 15, 2011


one low tech item that i wish i would see more of these days is the greeting card. there is nothing like opening up a non-virtual card and holding it in one's hands. e-cards are fun, but  they are as intangible as the wind. i still have paper cards i have received from grandparents , aunts and uncles who are long deceased, but i am still able to see their  love written on the greeting cards that they had sent me. who knows what new technology looms in the future. the computer could one day go the way of the record player or the vcr. low tech as it is you can always hold a paper greeting in your hands and read it provided the ink on the card hasn't faded.
i don't own stock in hallmark. i just miss the  golden age of the greeting card. whenever technology advances there are always pros and cons in new vs. old. the cd is more compact than a cassette tape, but a cd can warp like a record used to. a dvd is more compact than a video, but when you don't watch a whole movie at once on a video its easier to pick up where you left off. the video stays stopped at the part of movie you paused. with a dvd you have to remember to write down the name of the scene  and chapter you paused your dvd on  and then go through the whole rigmarole before you find the place where you left off when you want to continue watching.
i know that the clocks of change can never be turned backward, but i sure do miss those hallmark moments.

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