Thursday, February 3, 2011

fleeting beauty

its amazing how looks can go. we all realize this on some level but when you actually see it happen in real time it is truly mind boggling. even when you see it you can almost not believe its for real.
i have a college friend who married a guy who was cute as a button. they got married  at 23. at about 26 his looks began to fade. at 26 he didn't even look like he could possibly have been as cute as he once was.
i have another friend whose husband was also quite handsome when they married. he also had a slightly snarky personality. now that his looks have turned into just okay all one notices is the snarky attitude.
ive been to school reunions where you see how everyone has aged. some look good, some not so good. it really puts things in perspective. the guy who may have snubbed me in high school because he thought he was g-ds gift now looks like an demystyfied magic trick. the looks are no longer hiding his vile  personality.
even when someone does maintain external beauty  at 50 or 60 it is still not that vibrant beauty of 20 or 30. when i see relatives that i knew when they were in their prime and now they are not its disarming.
it actually better to end up with the guy with the good personality and the more average looks because in the end  its the personality one ends up with not the looks.


LeftWingPharisee said...

So true, so true.

Avi Bitterman said...

It doesn't have to be that way all the time. There are many times I see people who have drastically improved their appearance (usually involving working out )

The same bidirectional changes can be said about personality as well.