Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pigeon Invasion

     In case you do  not know I am not much of an animal lover. For about six months last year - from October to April - I had a pigeon living under my air conditioner. It was such an awful feeling.
     It all started out on Simchas Torah when I looked outside my kitchen window and I saw two pigeons sitting on the window ledge under my air conditioner. They may have been congregating there all summer but I hadn't heard them over the noise of my air conditioner. After Simchas Torah I noticed that they only left their post under the air conditioner on occasion to  forage for food.
      Both pigeons started out under my air conditioner during the hurricane but post hurricane only one remained. Thank goodness.
      I tried to get the super of my apartment building to put up bird spikes under my air conditioner, which he said he would do, but he never did . For six months I heard a pigeon cooing outside my window day and night. Sometimes it seemed it was actually inside my air conditioner. Thankfully one day right before Pesach I noticed that the pigeon was no longer outside my window. The invasion was over. I was blissfully alone.
       I even noticed that there were less pigeons outside on the fire escape this past summer. I don't know if it was just my imagination. Whatever the case, I am more at peace without knowing, seeing or hearing them around.

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