Monday, November 4, 2013

To Be Known For

  Lately I have been watching old reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The clip that I have included is the theme song from the show, but not the full visuals . This you tube clip only included the end of the theme song with Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat in the air and a woman named Hazel Frederick to her left donning a scarf, glasses and a scowl. In Hazel Frederick's 1999 obituary there is mention of her having been the scowling woman in the opening theme song of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    Though I can be a bit of a trivia buff, this little tidbit disturbed me. Imagine the most interesting part of a person's obituary being that they were in the background of a television series theme song. Granted , the Mary Tyler Moore show had been a very popular television show, but still.
     To my knowledge I have never been accidentally featured in any television series theme song. If I ever would be I hope that fact would not be the most notable thing in my life for people to remember for generations to come. Hazel Frederick's story certainly is a cautionary tale .

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