Saturday, November 16, 2013

Too Special

     In the olden days when people used to make everything for themselves life was really simpler. You don't realize that many items in your wardrobe are unusual or custom sizes if you are making them yourself, you simply are making something that will fit . So often I have to go to stores with special sizes for items in my wardrobe. It is the biggest pain . Why must I be so special.? Its so much easier to buy things off the racks. 
      I have thick curly hair in a society of straight haired people, I have  high prescription contact lenses and glasses. I have sensitive skin. I require so many  niche purchases. I am always overjoyed when I find product
that can be purchased in a standard non-specialty shop . Its no fun being so special. Then again I bet I am not the only non-standard sized person out there. Yes, misery does like company.

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