Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

     I love the fact that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah come out together this year. Its too bad that it doesn't happen more often.I think Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are a better mix than the usual Hanukkah / Christmas mix. Thanksgiving is a big holiday but its not religious so I like its pairing with Hanukkah.
     Sometimes Hanukkah is close to Thanksgiving- like the first week of December, but its not usually together like this year will be. Its kind of nice because there won't be work the first day of Hanukkah which will  be fun.
      I actually prefer when Hanukkah does not overlap with Christmas, but if it has to share the limelight with another holiday this year its best that it be with Thanksgiving. Every Jewish holiday is about thankfulness as in our survival as a people etc, so I think that its good that a holiday of hakaras hatov like Thanksgiving will be sharing a day with Hanukkah this year.


david a. said...

the relationship of chanukah to thanksgiving is stronger than you think. as you know thanksgiving is a post-harvest festival of gratefulness taken from the Torah's succot holiday.

Well, the reason for chanukah being 8 days is not because of the oil miracle (a story added 4 or 5 centuries later), but because the annual succot holiday had been suspended by the Greeks, and so upon victory, the chasmonoim wanted to celebrate a full succot holiday in the temple.

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Mr. Cohen said...

THANK YOU HASHEM, for the countless undeserved benefits you have given me!