Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus for the Rest of Us

      I always love how ethnocentric people who celebrate X-mas can be. They can barely fathom that anyone would not be celebrating X-mas . They think that you must feel you have to make sure you find someone Christian to celebrate it with because you must feel so left out. The truth is I have zero interest in 
X-mas. I love the crafts at the holiday markets in NYC, but the booths are heavily owned by Israelis, so I'm not sure you can fully count it as enjoying something X-masy. But the holiday itself holds none of my interest. I love the fact that all the Christians are scrambling to prepare for their holiday and I'm just preparing to have  a fun day off. Lets face it, I live in Brooklyn so all of the Jewish stores are open on X-mas anyway. Its just like any other day. And I get a paid day off. How great is that?
      I never liked people saying Chrismakkah  so this year we can thank Jerry Seinfeld for naming December 25 Festivus because that's what it really is. Festivas. I feel festive because I get a paid day off that is not a holiday . Its just a fun day . It is so festive to have off of work so the name Festivus really fits.


Anonymous said...

Did you see Rand Paul's festivus twitter rant? Darn awesome!

frum single female said...

Cool. I just checked it out.

Rick Rotman said...

When people wish me "Merry X-mas" I just reply "Happy Chanukah" so they get the point :)