Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sean Penn Continued...

    I am embarrassed to say that though I had heard about this case I did not follow it as well as I should have until I saw it  posted on  Rabbi Maryles's blog. After reading about what happened I was compelled to do some you tube research and read up about what happend. An innocent American  man was imprisoned in a Bolivian jail. I posted these congressional hearings because it was so unbelievable. It was riveting  to see former FBI agent Steven Moore's testimony as well as Sean Penn's. 
     I never realized how involved  Sean Penn is with humanitarianism and justice. I just always thought of him as an actor with a hobby of social action. Well, not anymore. I am in awe of his courage and strength and determination  to free Jacob Ostreicher from Bolivian prison. Sean Penn has performed the real life role of a lifetime and I for one will never forget it. 

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