Monday, December 30, 2013

Going it Alone

     I have been single my whole life so I guess I'm used to it , but there are some things that are just better done with another person. I always think about this when I buy a pint or quart of ice cream. If only there was someone else to share it with.  Jewish holidays are when I always think how nice it would be to be married. Going to comedy clubs, plays or movies are times when its preferable to go with someone else.
     I have lived alone longer than I would like to admit and I enjoy it. But sometimes when I have company  I kind of miss not having anyone else around when they leave.
       I suppose a roommate or friend can substitute when was needs company, but roommates come and go. Friends are looking for their own relationships. It would be nice to have the companionship and stability of a spouse even though that too is not always everlasting.
       Though it can be done, I don't think life is meant to be lived alone.


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The Torah specifically says that it's not good to live alone.
The other danger is that you get to like living alone, then meet Prince Charming and marry him but can't get used to the idea of living with someone.
I lived along for years before getting married and developed a very productive routine and then was genuinely annoyed when the wife tried to talk to me while I was reading the morning paper during breakfast. I'd never had to deal with that!

Rick Rotman said...

May Hashem bless you to be married very soon to the right man who will treat you like a precious jewel :)

frum single female said...

MGH- lol
Rick Rotman-
thank you