Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pet Peeves

       For those of us who drive cars we know that you only pass another car on the left side of the road. Too bad people do not know this rule while walking. so many people try to pass me on the right side while I am walking even if there is no space on the right side of me to pass. I do not get it. It seems everyone likes to hug the side of a building when they walk. People, you do not pass on the right side while walking when there isn't any room on the sidewalk on the right side . I almost fell on the ice yesterday when some moron decided to squeeze past me on the right side of the sidewalk. First of all , I could have slipped because he startled me . There was room on my left side to pass me, instead he pushed me out of the way so he could pass. There should be walking licences in  this city. 

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