Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Color Are Jewish People?

     There has been a lot of racial speak in the news lately. Often people will say to me, "But you are white, if you weren't you may think differently" I always laugh when I hear that . I may look white, but when you are Jewish you aren't exactly white even if you look white. Perhaps white is my skin color, but there is still loads of anti-semitism out there that does not exactly make me just another white person. Its not Jews ourselves that separate ourselves from being just white or any other color for that matter. Society separates us as well. I would venture to say that Jewish people from Arabic countries aren't really considered Arabic but are considered Jews even if they look Arabic. 
         Growing up in the midwest, most Jewish people I knew were Ashkenazi, but there were also  quite a few Sephardim, Persian Jews and even black Jewish converts. An Ethiopian Jew even came to speak at my school in high school which I thought was very cool. I  never really dwelt upon what color Jewish  people were. I really focused on the Judaism we had in common. I always found it exotic that Jews can be of every color of the rainbow. Kind of like if you have a preference of dating someone who looks a certain way there is bound to be someone Jewish to fit that bill.

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

What colours are the Jewish people?
Blue and white, of course.