Thursday, May 7, 2015


      Sometimes its really bigotry, sometimes it isn't. Its sometimes hard to tell when it is and when it isn't.
       The other day I was at the bus stop checking the MTA app on my phone to check out the bus timetable. When I saw that there would be a long wait I abruptly got up to walk home. I was not paying any attention to the black man who was at the bus stop. He on the of course was paying attention to me. As I got up he asked me if there was a problem. My first answer was WHAT? Then I realized he is the type to think everyone is a bigot . Normally I would  have just walked away but because he happened to look slightly mentally challenged   I  told him that I was not going to be waiting for the bus because my phone said that it would be quicker to walk home than wait for the bus.
      One summer morning on the train there was a black woman who sat next to me and the strap from her shoulder bag  was digging into my shoulder so I  quietly moved over a bit. The woman was irate. She kept yelling at me how I should take a taxi cab to work if I didn't like her sitting next to me. I did not move or say a word. Eventually she shut up. Periodically I would notice this woman on the train in the morning and she would make sure not to sit next to me. She would purposely look away from me when I would look in her direction. It was really ridiculous. Not wanting to have some one's shoulder strap dig into my shoulders is not racist.
      Another time there was a black woman with a baby on her lap next to me. The baby kept kicking me. Instead of asking her to restrain her child I gently moved over. She started yelling at me that her baby did not have any diseases . I did not say a word. She obviously was overly sensitive. I did not think that child had a disease, I just do not like being kicked by  a baby.
      Every time I walk into small stores the salesperson  hovers. I find it really annoying. I never assume its because I am Jewish or that its because I have curly hair or that its because I look poor. They just love to hover. I have a friend who is dark skinned who thinks that all of the salesladies hover over her in stores because of her skin color. I do not discount the fact that this could or may happen sometimes , but sales ladies always hover over me in a small store so I don't think they are being bigoted. I know that there are many Jews who think some things that aren't really atnti-semitic are anti semitic. I guess that's just the nature of people.
       This is not to say that there isn't anyone who is anti black or anti semitic out there, I just am trying to say that sometimes people become so overly sensitive when there is no reason to be.


Monster said...

Why not just tell the Lady that the reason you moved over was because of the shoulder strap?

frum single female said...

She was so fired up that she was not going to listen to reason.

frum single female said...

She was yelling so much I thought she would jump out of her skin.