Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curly Hair Rant

      Curly hair has a mind of its own. The trick to combatting the frizz is the right hair products. I hate how often when curly hair is showcased in a women's magazine its the curly hair of a woman of color instead of a white person with curly hair. I am not saying that they should not show diversity but don't discriminate against showing people who look like me that have curly hair. They also have hair tips for curly haired  people that you can tell were written by straight haired people. My personal favorite dumb tip is when they tell curly haired people to use a curling iron to make their hair look better. EXCUSE ME. My hair is naturally curly. When one has naturally curly hair one does not need a CURLING IRON. I mean really. All a curly haired person needs to make the most of his/her natural texture is the right hair products. Leave in conditioner is a savior. It really perks up naturally curly hair. This is way more effective and much healthier for curly hair. Until fashion editors come to their senses I will continue to skip the hair care sections of every magazine I read. They don't have anything to say to me and my curly haired comrades.

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