Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sometimes Things Change

     I was searching facebook the other day for old college roommates and spotted a previously anorexic old roommate. It was fun to spy her double chins in the picture. She looks okay now but all that I could think of is how she had been so obsessed with weight loss when she was 18 and I wonder what her 18 year old self would think if she saw her older self. I think she would not like her older pudgier self even though her older , pudgier self looks a lot happier in her facebook photos than she had in old college pictures.
    I am humbled to say that it made me gleeful to see a smug formerly anorexic roommate heavier and slightly weathered.  At the same time I am happy to see that she did let go of her extreme diets and decided to live a little. She may look chunky now but she looks a lot happier than she had  all those years ago.
    When you lose touch with people in your mind you think that they have remained identical to the image you have of them from when you last thought of them. Its jarring to see them and realize time has really passed and that we all have aged a little , some more gracefully and graciously  than others. 


Red Cow said...

The nature of the material is to rot away the older it gets, the spiritual, on the other hand is to improve over time. If one is healthy spiritually that can also help them heal physically. Keep it up Frum Female!

frum single female said...