Monday, May 4, 2015

Iced tea

     My favorite summer drink is cold brew iced tea. My favorite flavor of the moment is strawberry burst from Wissotsky. Honorable mention is lemon ginger flavored Stash tea.

  Cold brew tea is so easy to make and so refreshing to drink. I just put four tea bags in a 32 ounce jar with water and I put the jar with the tea bags and water into the fridge . After a few hours I remove the tea bags and voila, I have amazing tea. You can put sweetener in the tea, but I try to use flavorful teas that do not need extra sweetener. I find that if I increase the amount of teabags or brew time that the flavor of the the tea can be strong enough not to require extra sweetening.
   If you have any favorite iced tea flavors please share them. The hot weather is quickly approaching and iced tea will be the beverage of the moment.

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