Monday, November 21, 2016


   One thing that I really miss about the Midwest is seeing nature everywhere. You look out your window there are trees and grass. You drive somewhere and there is so much beauty. In NYC not so much. I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden three times this year. It was very healing to go there. As soon as I went through the gates I felt my blood pressure go down. It was awesome. I had been there several times before this year, but since I had ID NYC I was treated to  a year long free membership. I wish I had gone more than just 3 times. Now it is fall so there is not as much beauty to savor there. My membership is still valid for another month. I may go again even so. There are a few indoor attractions . There is an indoor lily pond, a bonsai room  and an awesome cactus garden.
    Perhaps if one grows up in the concrete jungle one does not miss nature. I grew up with nature and miss seeing it as a daily occurrence instead of an  occasional event.



David Staum said...

Plenty of nature in the northeast as well, just not in the neighborhood you live in.

frum single female said...

I know.I miss having it in my neighborhood.