Sunday, November 27, 2016

Siyag L'Chachmah Shtikah

      It is always fun to listen to people talk about the presidential election  results. There are some  rules that should be adhered to when one is at a shabbos table. When someone adamantly supports either candidate is best not to argue with them. They are never going to see it your way, especially if you don't know them very well. When a woman is lambasting Trump for sexually harassing women and you are a man it is best to keep quiet. No one  wants to hear your opinion no matter how rational you think you are. Its kind of like when a woman asks a man if she looks fat. Never respond!! This is not the time to denounce feminism and rally for men's rights. No one cares. I am not a Hilary supporter either. Trump is a flawed person and  has been married 3 times . I never will forget the Trump/Marla Maples scandal. Now that Trump is president elect I hope that he will be a good president, good for Israel and good for the Jewish people,  HOWEVER Trump is not the next god-king. Moreover, the best way for a single guy to gain brownie point is to NOT expose his misogynist leanings in front of single women. If you  have to talk that way at all do so with a male audience.
     The positive is that because the presidential elections have been so emotionally charged some people's filters have been lowered so much that they cannot control their true natures. I guess its good news/bad news. I would like to have more faith in my fellow humans. Lack of filter does not help.

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