Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shavuah Tov

     Well I guess everyone knows the news. Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States. Though many would disagree with me what is worse than his presidency is what it represents. Anyone who wants to be president , if he or she tries hard enough can . One really sees how chas v'shalom some really evil regimes rise to power seemingly out of nowhere.
      I also think it is so odd that the press was so sure that Hilary was going to win with a landslide. I thought she would win as well , but I did not think it would be a landslide victory. I thought that it would be a close race. I think that the press wanted Hilary to win so much that they could   not fathom that anyone would vote for the Donald. What buffoons. They should have asked me what I thought. So many people that I know were undecided . Many others had a preference but were not happy about their choices. Too many. I live in New York and my vote unless it is for the democrat does not count . I actually wanted to vote for the loser in this election because both choices were so abhorrent to me.
        All of the protesting is not going to change the results  of the election. The only thing that can is voting in better candidates during the primaries. Obama came out of nowhere and won the primaries and elections these past few elections. Trump came even more out of nowhere. I did not think he had a chance.
        The thing is  a lot of people wanted change. Bernie Sanders had such a great support because people disliked Clinton so much. Many of his supporters simply did not vote. I am not quite sure how Trump squeezed through but I suppose that was a way people who were undecided could stick it to the system. Trump isn't really a conservative so those who did not want Hilary did not care. With the media so sure that Trump was losing those who voted Trump could stick it to the system and who would be the wiser. Except that's not what happened. Trump won the electoral vote . Stupid media.
Then again Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but Bush got the electoral vote. That was just 16 years ago. How quickly people forget.
       I am praying for Trump to be a better president than even he expects to be . I am not planning on moving to Canada anytime soon.  (If I moved anywhere besides the U.S. it would be Israel)

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