Saturday, November 13, 2010

the propensity to sin

as a kid it always seemed strange that some halachot have to be spelled out. don't kill. don' steal. isn't it obvious? as i have experienced more of life i have realized that there is a reason that these laws are spelled out. one never knows who could end up being a murderer or could steal. or commit adultery.  i haven't done any of these things, but i have met individuals who have. i would never have expected these people to have done these things, but they have. apparently its not as obvious as i once thought. this is why it has to be spelled out and drilled into peoples heads. it is in the hopes that no one will ever engage in such grievous sins.


Anonymous said...

Great point. I never looked at it in that way. At work I often deal with non-jews who ask me why a religious person will do something wrong morally or something illegal if it says in their Torah not to do it. I cringe whenever I see a frum person in the news, but I try to explain to them that we all know right from wrong but there are people who occasionally choose to look the other way when they sin. The torah is a blueprint for living our lives....when we sin, only we are to blame. Its not like we can we can use the excuse, "well, I would have known not to do it if only it was written in the torah"!!

Chaim said...

If you look at the time period when the Torah was given, these laws make a lot more sense. Today's morals have been shaped to conform with the Torah.

frum single female said...

david- thanks.
chaim- very true.