Sunday, January 19, 2014

Facebook Dislike

          One of the most enjoyable parts of Facebook is catching up with old friends. One of the most disturbing parts of Facebook is seeing how badly some of my friends have aged. I recently looked up my best friend from nursery school on Facebook. Bad move. She looks really old. Mind you I haven't seen her that much since I was about six, but still. There are no two ways about it . She has aged. Granted so have I , but I don't look as old as she does. Maybe its best to have my Peter Pan syndrome shaken but its  still. downright depressing. Sometimes its best to leave well enough alone. I'd rather remember some people as they were and not as they are now. Granted , one has no control over who one might run into in person or who one will see a picture of in the  newspaper, but Facebook and the internet in general make it more previlent. Sometimes technology isn't better.


Wondering Minds said...

Not in references to you, but some people also cake on more makeup then others, leading them to look "younger".

frum single female said...

Lol. I would never be accused of wearing too much makeup. Then again their are also people who just think they look younger than they actually do. That said, if you met me you would not guess my age.

Wondering Minds said...

That's not fair...I already know that you are 19. ;)