Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Max Greenfield
    One thing that really bothers me is intermarriage. Now that being Jewish in America is so accepted intermarriage has risen astronomically. It is just so sad. I watch the show New Girl. Granted its not the barometer of the American population but there is one character named Schmidt who is Jewish and is always mentioning his Jewishness in almost every episode. In a Halloween episode he mentioned he has his Halloween costume and two costumes for Purim. In another episode he speaks about his zaidy .When he was at a wedding he started commenting about how nice an affair his bar mitzvah was. On the other hand he dates women of every religion. Judaism is "cool" but the idea of dating Jewish is a non-issue. The actor who plays Schmidt is originally  from Dobbs Ferry , New York and has a non-Jewish wife and one daughter. With all of the Jew talk on New Girl I wonder  how okay Greenfield is with his Judaism  or if since he is employed  its cool with him. It would have been much cooler if in his bio I would have seen that he was married to a Jewish woman.
     Two  Jewish actresses  who are comfortable with their Judaism   - Mayim Bialik and Natalie Portman did not manage to marry men who were born Jewish . Mayim's husband converted and I hear that Natalie's is planning on converting. This is still positive because no matter how kosher or not the conversions were or are their kids are really Jewish and its better they have only one religion in their household.
     Intermarriage begins the elimination of the Jewish people. The first generation may remain Jewish even if they are halachic Jews. After that perhaps not . If one's parent intermarried why shouldn't they? It is all very sad. Too bad  persecution often has a way of keeping Jewish identity better than peace. May that bad cycle change in our lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sacha Baron Cohen. His wife converted as well.

frum single female said...

The thing is I don't think it makes much diffence that Isla Fisher converted to Judaism because unless she's orthodox it doesn't really count. For Mayim and Natalie sure there husbands aren't really Jewish unless they convert the correct way, but since their kids are Jewish because Natalie or Mayim is then I think its better they convert even if its not really a halachic conversion.