Thursday, January 30, 2014

iPhone addiction

     For the past two years that I have had my iPhone there was free wi-fi at work. Now there isn't . This means  that when I am bored at work and troll facebook on my phone it will be part of my data usage plan.  I think its a great way to unplug people from their cell phones at work. Lest you think I am giving the powers that be credit, this is not why they did this. There were other reasons. People will go back to texting in abandon when they are bored. I won't be texting more. Though I am a texter I am not part of Generation Text.
   It is so easy to to get addicted to checking your smart phone at work. Its the high-tech evolution of passing notes in class only more sneaky. Its so smooth to furtively glance at my phone when there are brief moments of downtime. Its so quiet . I don't think it will make me more productive at work, maybe just more bored  or more chatty when there is a lull.
    Constant checking of my phone during the day makes it harder to go long stretches without checking it and I recognize that this is not healthy . Its good to be a little bored. Boredom inspires me to find real things to do  with free time .

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Once upon a time we did something different at work: work.