Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Above and Beyond

      I recently saw the documentary ABOVE AND BEYOND . This is the story of American Jewish World War II veterans who helped form the Israeli air force and fought for Israel's independence. The film has old footage as well as interviews with the men who went on this mission. ITS AMAZING. It is heartwarming to see how integrated American Jews stepped up to help their brethren to create the state of Israel. Its mind boggling. This is a story I never knew about that needs to be spread. If you haven't yet seen it please do. And spoiler alert. Pee Wee Herman's father was one of the American Jewish pilots and he and his mother are interviewed.
       Watching this documentary reaffirms belief in G-d because when you realize how few people helped create the Israeli air force you realize how miraculous the creation of the modern state of Israel was. 

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