Sunday, July 19, 2015

If Something's Not Impossible There Must Be a Way of Doing It

   The motto of Nicholas Winton's life was If Something's not impossible there must be a way of doing it. With this determination he saved almost 700 hundred  Jewish children from the Czech Republic in 1939. This documentary tells his story. Its a good documentary, but it fails to mention Winton's Jewish roots. His parents were German Jews who came to England a few years before he was born. He knew what was going on in Europe because his parents knew what was going on in Europe and knew people who were there.  It does not make his actions less heroic, but thinking of him as just some random gentile who decided to save a bunch of Jews well, that's not  true. Its also significant to note that his mother helped him rescue these children.
        Winton tried to get other countries  besides England to open their doors to these children but most did not. Only Sweden was willing to open their doors. 

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