Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rare Color Footage Depicting Jewish Life in the Shtetl Before the Holocaust

    This is very interesting. David Teitelbaum who filmed this had lived in the United States and would go back to Poland to visit his family. This is why so many in this film were identifiable.  Most of those in this film perished  a few years after this was filmed. Nathan Lipschitz who is identified toward the end of this film did survive and I will post his testimony in my next post.
       Though it is very sad to know that most of the people in this film did  not survive it is such a beautiful film. It is a glimpse into their lives in the shtetl. You see their beautiful faces that are so full of life. It is so apparent what has been lost to us. This makes it all the more sad and  all the more powerful.


Steve said...

Thank you. Have you seen the book 'Three Minutes in Poland' by Glenn Kurtz? It depicts a similar issue.

frum single female said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I will look for it.

frum single female said...

I found "three minutes in poland" on youtube so I will post what I found. Its a fraction of what the book recounts, but quite moving. Thanks Steve.