Monday, July 13, 2015

The Wedding Guest

 I don't especially love going to weddings . I am happy for the couple who are marrying but they do make me more aware of what I do not have so I am not a big fan of attending weddings. Despite my predisposed dislike of weddings , I do not think that my preparation for one is much different than if I really loved attending them. It really depends on  what my schedule is for the day of the wedding as to how much I prepare for it. If I don't  have work the day of a wedding I take much more time changing into my wedding attire. If I have work that day I do the rush job. I might even just wear something extra nice  to work and then  spruce up my hair and makeup before I leave for the big event.
      Not to be a complete kill joy but I think that my attitude should be encouraging instead of cynical. People can be obsessive during wedding planning. Of course everyone wants things to be perfect but in reality the guests may not really take as much notice to mishaps as one might think. We appreciate joining in on the simcha . It will be beautiful because its a wedding not due to the status of the details. 

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