Monday, July 6, 2015


     Whenever I hear that bad news has befallen someone I know I am sad for them but also feel relieved because I am not ,baruch Hashem , bli eyin harah  experiencing the same trauma that has befallen my friend or aquaintance. And then I sort of feel guilty for appreciating the fact that I am not experiencing the adversity that  my friends are experiencing . I hope that  I am not sounding like a total shrew.
        The crazy thing about adversity is that no one knows how they will act when confronted with it. This is why I try not to judge others when they act seemingly off when confronted with it. I am not just saying this to cover my own reaction to it. I really believe it. Its best to try not to judge others who are experiencing adversity and also to be forgiving for others reactions to it. Sometimes the people who one would least expect to be the most sympathetic are.
        And so begin the three weeks....

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Steve said...

I'm sure it's natural to also feel relief about not being stricken by some adversity. My first first reaction to the Book of Job was to be thankful it was not me being tested. You are totally right that we don't know how we will act in the face of it. This not knowing makes the thought of adversity even more fearful. I hope these three weeks are not too bad.